Strongly involved in the musics of the world, Naiad develops new artists of the traditional scene, and known artists internationally.

The presented musics quite arise from oral traditions and have a strong traditional anchoring.

Authentic musics at the source of various cultures of the world (Brittany, Ireland, Turkey...)

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Concerts du Mois

Artiste Date Lieux Heure Ville
Doolin' 13/03/20 Nuit Celtique 20:30 Veigné (37) infos
McDonnell Trio (Prix Charles Cros) 13/03/20 Centre culturel Victor Hugo 20:30 Ploufragan (22) infos
Doolin' 14/03/20 La Lanterne 20:45 Rambouillet (78) infos
Doolin' 17/03/20 Billy Bob's Country Western Saloon (Euro Disney) 20:00 Marne-La-Vallée (77) infos
McDonnell Trio (Prix Charles Cros) 19/03/20 Festival Printemps des Bretelles, Magic Mirrors, Grand Bal Celtique 20:30 Illkirch-Graffenstaden (67) infos
Dour/Le Pottier Quartet (Concert) 21/03/20 Stéréolux 20:30 Nantes (44) infos
Sharon Shannon & Alan Connor 26/03/20 La Batterie - Pôle Musiques 20:30 Guyancourt (78) infos
Sharon Shannon & Alan Connor 27/03/20 Centre Culturel (MJC) 20:00 Pacé (35) infos
Sharon Shannon & Alan Connor 28/03/20 Salle des fêtes 20:30 Bouchain (59) infos
Mairtin O’Connor 28/03/20 Le Sterenn 20:30 Trégunc (29) infos
Mairtin O’Connor 29/03/20 Espace Culturel A. Blot 16:00 La Bouexière (35) infos


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