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Eight dancers from around the world and five of Ireland’s top musicians unite with Ó Maonlaí and Keegan-Dolan to create an expressive cultural hybrid. Rian taps into healthy life-enhancing traditions with influences from faraway places to evoke a timeless vision of the real indescribable nature of things

This production features live on-stage performances from musicians Liam Ó Maonlaí, Cormac Begley, Peter O’Toole, Eithne Ní Chatháin and Maitiú Ó Casaide and dancers Saju Hari, Anna Kaszuba, Saku Koistinen, Louise Mochia, Emmanuel Obeya, Keir Patrick, Ino Riga and Louise Tanoto.

Co-produced by Fabulous Beast and Sadler's Wells, Rian premiered at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival 2011. It also appeared at Sadler's Wells, London in 2011.
In 2012, it has been performed at Norfolk & Norwich Festival, UK; Hessisches Staatstheatre, Maifestspiele, Wiesbaden, Germany; Festival Internacional de las Artes de Castilla y Leon (FACYL), Salamanca, Spain; Norrlands Operan, Umea, Sweden. In Ireland, Rian was at Cork Opera House for Cork Midsummer Festival, and unplugged performances were given at The Éigse Festival, Carlow, and at Bornacoola, Longford.

Erik Marchand / Bojan Z / Costica Olan in Video :

Last Albums

Ukronia - Erik Marchand (2012) : “Ukronia” est en soi une interrogation sur l’histoire de la musique jusqu’à aujourd’hui et sur la prise en compte de deux réalités musicales parallèles, celle des musiques populaires de tradition orale et celle de la tradition savante occidentale.


 Night Bus - Bojan Z avec Gary Brunton & Simon Goubert (2019) : "La précieuse complicité du contrebassiste, du pianiste et du batteur a donné naissance à un opus d'une extrême finesse (...). Sur ce carnet de bord des années parisiennes de Gary Brunton, les courants du jazz se mêlent avec un sens inné de la narration."

Line Up :

Musiciens: Liam O Maonlai - Cormac Begley - Peter O’Toole - Eithne Ni Chathain - Maitiu O Casaide

Danseurs: Saju Harl - Anna Kaszuba - Saku Koistinen - Louise Mochia - Emmanuel Obeya - Kier Patrick - Ino Riga - Louise Tonoto 

The press speaks about it. :

«What I felt most overwhelmingly from this combination of ceol and choreography was the performative rush that grips you when you’re taken by the dance and their success at transposing this onto the audience was apparent by the array of unique percussive harmonies reflected back at them from the tapped feet in the stalls.» EI Team, 

«The Cork Midsummer Festival opened last night on a real high with an exquisite dance and music hybrid show incorporating Irish traditional music and modern contemporary dance.» Brian Hayes Curtin, Cork Independent

«Michael Keegan-Dolan’s Fabulous Beast dance company is best known for its sense of drama. His versions of Giselle and Irish mythology turned them into lurid contemporary stories, confrontations between huge personalities. Rian, his new collaboration with the musician Liam Ó Maonlaí, has no plot. Musicians and dancers get together, with a joyful sense of community Zoë Anderson, The Independent

Scenic references :

Festival Rio Loco ; Festival Les Vieilles Charrues ; La Grande Boutique ; Le Canal Théâtre ; Festival La Terre est à nous ; La Maison de la Musique ; ...

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