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This acclaimed Irish trio has been playing together since 2001, and Crossroads is their long awaited debut recording.

Accordionist Mairtin O’Connor has spent time with De Dannan, Midnight Well and Skylark, and was one of the main musical forces behind the Riverdance phenomenon.

Fiddle/banjoist Cathal Hayden is a multiple «All-Ireland» champion and one of the founding members of the band Four Men and a Dog.

Guitarist/vocalist Seamie O’Dowd, who hails from County Sligo, has spent his career in and out of traditional music.

He has also toured the world as a member of the Band Dervish. Crossroads is a wonderfully eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary Irish-inspired music.

Crossroads showcases some of Ireland’s finest musicians playing in ensemble. The recording also allows for the individual talents of each member to shine. 

Mairtin O’Connor in Video :

Last Albums


"The Road West"- (2005)

"Going Places" (2012)

to listen :

  1. The Geantrai Set - Crossroads, 2011
  2. Barlay and Grape Rag - Crossroads, 2011
  3. The Donegal Tinker / The Dublin Reel - Cathal Hayden, 1999
  4. Going Places - Going Places 2011
  5. Trip to Turk - Going Places 2011

Line Up :

Mairtin O’Connor: accordéon diatonique/button accordion 

Cathal Hayden - violon, fiddle, viola, banjo 

Seamie O’Dowd - guitare 

guest:  Jim Higgins - percussions

The press speaks about it. :

«The living tradition takes a fresh turn ... In their eclectic new album with Seamie O’Dowd, the versatile Máirtín O’Connor and Cathal Hayden have managed to bottle the essence of their dynamic live shows...»

Scenic references :

Riverside Theatre in London (UK) - Budapest Spring Festival (HU) - Narón Festival in Xubia (ES) - Marstal Irish Festival (DK) - Open House Festival, Belfast (IE) - Strule Arts Centre in Omagh (IE) - Womad Adelaïde (AU) - Festival Pot’Arts, Illfurth (FR) - Le Grand Soufflet, Vitré (FR) -Womex 2011 Copenhague (DK)

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